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Keglevich Fusion

Keglevich Fusion

Keglevich Fusion creates a new category of vodka that offers consumers a refined taste experience.

Combining the quality of smooth vodka, distilled 3 times, with selected botanical extracts, Keglevich Fusion is available in two variants, ginger and juniper, which present surprising dry and spicy notes.

Keglevich Fusion is perfect consumed straight but also an excellent addition to cocktails and long drinks, thanks to its strength of character and ability to innovate the great classics.

Keglevich is also available in a range of fruit-flavoured, vodka-based liqueurs. 
All Keglevich variants are gluten free, GMO free and the production processes are low environmental impact.

To find out more about Keglevich, please visit our brand website or follow Keglevich on Facebook ( and Instagram (

(Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.)