Stock Spirits
Clan Campbell

In pure Scottish tradition, Clan Campbell is distilled, aged and blended in the Highlands. Matured in oak barrels for at least three years, Clan Campbell is a characterful Scotch whisky, with floral and vanilla notes and a delicately smoky finish.

Sierra Tequila

The home of Sierra Tequila is the Destilerías Sierra Unidas in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The family-run distillery combines traditional production processes with modern equipment to produce Tequila of the highest quality. In the area around Guadalajara, the blue weber agaves grow for up to seven years before they are traditionally harvested by hand. (After the Jimadores cut the leaves, the agaves are brought to the distillery in the heart of Guadalajara in one piece. At the distillery, the agaves are chopped, cooked for up to 24 hours, and pressed to extract the precious juice for fermentation. The gentle double distillation process in pot stills produces a flavourful spirit to set the highest of standards)

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Amundsen vodka was created to honor 1911 Antarctic expedition by Roald Amundsen. It is distinguished by crystal purity, ultra mild and delicate character. Its excellence and highest quality is obtained by filtration below 0°C, a 6-fold distillation process and a carefully selected blend of barley and rye. All captured in a designer bottle resembling a block of ice.


The basis of this bitter is 14 herbs from all over the world, such as: gentian, Roman chamomile, Cnicus benedictus, quinine and orange peel. Only wild-harvested herbs are used, which are macerated in triple-distilled 65% spirit for at least eight weeks. Subsequently, the macerate is filtered, allowed to mature and only 15.6 grams of sugar per 1 liter is added.


Born in 1882 Keglevich Dry is one of the oldest vodkas in the world and currently is one of the leaders of the category in Italy with 30% market share. Created in Poland, the land of wodka thanks to a process of 6 distillations which last 3 days. It is made with noble ingredient: 60% whole wheat and 40% triticale.


Limoncè has been No. 1 selling Limoncello in the world for decades! Born thanks to a careful selection of the best Sicilian lemons, Limoncè is 100% natural, with no colourants or artificial flavours. Italians are used to taste Limoncè as an after dinner digestive but recently they also mix it in cocktails such as Limoncè Spritz. Not the usual Spritz, not the usual Limoncè!


Lubelska is a range of light fruit liqueurs, inviting consumers to joyful, sociable and optimistic world full of parties, colours and flavours.


Millhill’s Gin perfect formula consists of a mixture of juniper, coriander, lemon balm, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon peel and three secret elements. Its fragrance evokes fresh breeze of meadows, forests and fields, along with a hint of mystery. Combination of herbs and spices, cold filtration and the production process based on the original London Dry Gin recipe have shown that Millhill’s is a top-quality gin with an intriguing character.


Božkov Originál is the flagship brand and an icon of the domestic spirits category. It has been on the market since 1948, and its quality, tested over decades, is the reason why Božkov Originál is the best-selling spirit in the Czech Republic. It stands out with its characteristic aroma of vanilla, golden color, and delightful taste. It is served neat, but it is also popular with cola and lemon.


The First Republic was an era of nobleness and elegance, a time when the Czechs were renowned for exercising honesty and pride in their crafts. Bozkov Republica Exclusive is a celebration of these values.

It is a delicious cane rum with a full, sweet taste and dark amber colour.

Stock Prestige

Stock Prestige stands for the highest quality standards. The mildness of the taste is guaranteed by 6-stage distillation. The ingredients used are subjected to a thorough, multi-stage selection and control.


For 130 years Stock 84 has been offering excellence to consumers. The Italian brandy was progressively refined by the most passionate master blenders, inspired by the original recipe but always attuned to contemporary breakthroughs.


Żołądkowa de Luxe is a perfectly pure and smooth vodka that makes you feel as if you are experiencing an exceptionally refined product. Żołądkowa knows that precise distillation is crucial for the best vodka. Our distillers have perfected this process. In their view, the best vodka is the one that undergoes distillation consisting of 360 cycles.


Żołądkowa Gorzka has sweet, herbal and slightly spicy notes masterfully blended in its taste. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it continues to use maceration of natural ingredients. Bitter oranges seasoned with caramel and a secret blend of spices are macerated in special vats. Thanks to maceration, alcohol blends perfectly with ingredients, penetrating into them and extracting full flavour and aroma.


ORKISZ is a vodka of exceptional quality made of unique grain spelt. Crafted in Poland. Slowly distilled in small batches. ORKISZ is a luxury vodka of unrivaled smoothness and subtle taste. Perfect for special celebrations, ideal as a unique gift. Winner of numerous prestigious international taste and quality competitions.


In the beautiful Veneto region, known for centuries for its tradition of producing sparkling wines, Stock Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso is being made.

This light dry sparkling wine is made from carefully selected grape varieties, and contains at least 85% of the Glera grape.

It has a fresh, fruity aroma and notes of apple and pear appear with a citrus finish.

Its intense aroma of white flowers and yellow apple makes it an ideal, refreshing option for gatherings with friends or as a base for drinks.


Saska Vodka is an exceptional choice for those who appreciate subtlety of flavour, elegance, and excellent quality. Regardless of the chosen flavour, this brand ensures unforgettable culinary-alcohol experiences that satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs.