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2 June 2022
Millhill – new premium gin from Stock Polska!

Stock Polska can boast of a new premium gin in its portfolio. Millhill’s Gin stands out from the competition with a unique, botanical composition of the recipe, cold filtration and three flavor variants. The brand is a response to the growing interest of consumers in this alcohol category and to the increasingly popular botanical trend visible on the market in various segments.

Naturally wild & mysterious

New from Stock Polska – Millhill’s Gin is a brand whose recipe is based on botanical ingredients. It is distinguished by a perfectly harmonizing mixture of: juniper, coriander, lemon balm, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon peel as well as three secret elements. Its fragrance evokes the fresh breeze of meadows, forests and fields, along with a hint of mystery. The combination of herbs and spices, cold filtration and the production process based on the original London Dry Gin recipe make Millhill’s a top-quality gin with an intriguing character that will be appreciated by connoisseurs of sophisticated drinks.

The inspiration to create the brand was the energy of one of London’s districts – Mill Hill – and the echoes of its history. It is a lively district, where the astronomical observatory of the University of London is located, exploring new, previously unknown regions of the universe every day. The new proposal from Stock Polska will also provide consumers with new experiences and take them on an exciting journey, rich in botanical flavors.

– Millhill’s is a proposal for consumers who are interested in an increasingly popular category on the alcohol market, i.e. gins. Its unique composition of herbs and three secret ingredients give it a fresh and rich taste. Gin will be perfect served alone – only on ice – as well as with additions, mixed in cocktails. Perfectly complemented with tonic water, orange slices and lemon balm leaves – says Magdalena Szatko, Millhill’s Senior Brand Manager at Stock Polska.

The unique design of the product is also noteworthy – illustrated elements of botanical ingredients and graphics of a secret garden on the back of the bottle give the packaging a three-dimensional effect of depth. Gin not only stands out on the shelf among other alcohols, but thanks to its attractive appearance, it will also work as a gift. Millhill’s is available in three variants – the classic London Dry Gin, and two flavored versions: Pineapple Breeze, innovative and unprecedented in the category, and Strawberry Fields, eagerly chosen by gin enthusiasts.

In the upcoming season, Stock Polska has prepared many activities that will be addressed to a wide audience. In addition to activation for bartenders, digital and PR activities are planned, in the industry media and support at points of sale. Millhill’s gift packs with a dedicated, branded cocktail glass will also be available for sale.

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