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7 July 2023
Millhill’s brand supports Polish bartenders on the road to an international career

The winner of the second edition of the “Secret of gin by Millhill’s” competition, held the first week of July in Warsaw, will take part in the prestigious London Cocktail Week in October. Stock Polska has been supporting Polish bartenders on the road to an international career by patronizing many competitions.

“Secret of gin by Millhill’s” was held under the auspices of Millhill’s Gin, which debuted in the Stock Polska portfolio a few months ago. The product is distinguished by its unique botanical composition based on herbs and spices giving new unlimited possibilities prepare creative cocktail recipes. The participants of the competition could experience it during the workshops at the event. Stock Polska invited the esteemed Craft Cocktail Brothers bartender duo, who guided the participants through issues of molecular mixology and bag-shop herbalism under the guidance of Anna Sroda-Moroz, known in social media as the “Herbalist from the Camper.”

“In recent years, the bartending scene has been developing very dynamically in Poland. As Stock Poland, we want to be a part of this process, so we actively support the art of bartending and the idea of cocktail bars to promote a modern and responsible drinking culture based on the highest quality spirits, exceptional taste sensations and moderation. We care about education on responsible alcohol consumption in the broadest sense, as well as supporting Polish bartending talents in their international dreams. I am pleased that it is the winner of the “Secret of gin by Millhill’s” competition who will have the chance to participate in the most prestigious event for mixology enthusiasts in the world – London Cocktail Week” says Janusz Trendewicz, Portfolio Education Manager of Stock Polska.

The final of the “Secret of gin by Millhill’s” competition featured 15 bartenders from all over Poland, who were selected through an organized social media contest. The main prize – a trip to London Cocktail Week – was won by Szymon Szostek from Companeros Restaurant in Lodz. The winner will travel to this unique event in October, and will be accompanied by Stock Poland experts and educators.

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Małgorzata Małachowska
Corporate Communications Stock Polska