Stock Spirits
21 June 2023
Products of the Stock Spirits Group with the most important international awards for 2023

The direction of development of the Stock Spirits Group and the quality of the brands it offers not only allows for creative communication with consumers, but is also recognized around the world. The products of Stock Spirits Group regularly participate in the most important international industry competitions and receive many international awards each year which  confirm the highest quality of its product. Stock Spirits Group has already won five prestigious awards in various categories in 2023, and there are still 6 months left until the end of the year.

Stock Prestige Vodka has received Double Gold in International Spirits Challenge 2023, Silver in International Wine and Spirit Competition 2023 and Silver in World Spirits Competition 2023 in San Francisco which was another record-breaking year with more than 5,500 entries from around the world. One of the most important awards for the brand this year is the bronze medal won in Sip Awards – International Consumer Tasting – with a record number of product submissions to the competition. 

Stock Brandy 84 Original won one of the most prestigious awards in Poland – the Złoty Paragon – Nagroda Kupców Polskich (Golden Receipt – Polish Merchants Award) in the category: “Other Alcoholic Beverages above 18%.”. 

Millhill’s Gin has been appreciated for its flavoured variants in two prestigious gin competitions. Millhill’s Strawberry Fileds received distinction in The Gin Guide, while Millhill’s Pineapple Breeze won gold medal in Global Spirits Masters 2023: The GIN Masters.

Joyful image zones #LubelskaPolana for summer music events under The Lubelska brand.

Industry awards are a very important element of business for the Stock Spirits Group but also a confirmation that we set trends on the market. We constantly analyze the market and consumer needs and try to react quickly to changes. That is why the portfolio of Stock Spirits Group includes not only excellent brandy, gins or clear vodkas but also flavoured vodkas, which are increasingly popular among customers. Project #Lubelska Poland is a perfect answer to the needs of the market with key focus on young adults.

Summer music festivals are one of the key touchpoints with young adult consumers, and a perfect opportunity to build brand image and trial. #LubelskaPolana is a joyful image zone built for Lubelska for this summer season. It’s a place within festivals that guarantees great fun with friends in a colorful zone of Lubelska spirit. Adults who enter the zone can not only try various light drinks based on flavored Lubelska vodkas, but also actively spend time with friends in engaging activations, playing  “Lubelska-pong”, relaxing in chillout zone or  visiting Lubelska Instaspot and taking selfies with cheerful neon lights.

The premiere of the zone took place at Poland’s most popular student music events – Juwenalia in Kraków and Poznań and the activation will continue at top polish summer festivals.

Media contact:
Małgorzata Małachowska
Corporate Communications Stock Polska