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The best-selling Lubelska brand is now available in two new shot pot flavours!

All those who loved the summer release of Lubelska in handy shot-sized cups can now enjoy two new flavours as the range expands to include Wiśniówka (Cherry) and Żurawinówka (Cranberry).  

Since their launch in plastic shot-sized cups, the well established, popular flavours of Lubelska Cytrynówka (Lemon) and Grejpfrutowa (Grapefruit) have proven to be a hit, selling more than 2 million units.

“This mobile and handy format has been extremely successful and has quickly won a loyal fanbase. This is why we have decided to offer two new flavours that perfectly complement the winter season”, says Karolina Wróblewska, Senior Brand Manager, Stock Polska.

Lubelska pots are very popular with young adults, who are the most open to innovative and non-standard formats. The portability and convenience of the 40ml format of Lubelska pots make it ideal for informal social occasions allowing the format to meet the needs of consumers at informal gatherings with friends, indoors or on the go.

“Wiśniówka and Żurawinówka are the seasonal winter favourites in the Lubelska range. This is why we have expanded the Lubelska shot pots portfolio with these two additional flavours”, says Karolina Wróblewska. “Consumers frequently suggest new lines for us. We have responded directly to their needs and that is why our new products quickly gain popularity”.

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