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Responsible Drinking

We are conscious that our products should be enjoyed responsibly by those who choose to drink them, and we do not want irresponsible drinking to harm the health of our consumers or others who may be affected. We believe that efforts to reduce the misuse of alcohol are most effective if all parties involved (including authorities, individuals and producers) work together. 

In the UK, we subscribe to Portman Group Code of Practice and the alcoholic drinks section of the UK Code of Advertising Practice. 

During the year, Stock Polska continued its long-standing and highly active membership of ZP Polski Przemysł Spirytusowy (ZP PPS), the trade organisation which, as part of its work, promotes responsible drinking through educational programmes and public campaigns. Local and national responsible alcohol campaigns were collaborated on between the Company and ZP PPS throughout the year. A significant part of the responsible drinking activity in Poland is carried out across social media and through campaigns which ran across the year (see the case study above). Stock Polska continued its workshops for retailers, to provide guidelines on ‘Responsible selling and serving of alcoholic beverages’. 

Both our Czech Republic and Slovakia businesses are founding and active members of ‘Fórum PSR’ (drink responsibly), which brings together the countries’ major spirits producers and distributors to work against alcohol abuse. This Forum addresses issues related to alcohol consumption and tries to raise awareness of the negative effects of irresponsible drinking. We continued to use the ‘PSR, (drink responsibly)’ platform within our media, in-store and other brand communication. Forum members have also pledged to observe a code of conduct that strictly regulates their advertising activities. During the year an agreement was reached with the Czech Union of Spirits Producers and Distributors on new self-regulatory measures which will be valid in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Italy continued to be a member of Federvini, the national trade association founded in 1917 which, as part of its role, promotes responsible drinking using educational and informative programmes.

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