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Żołądkowa Gorzka is rebuilding the legendary Syrena Sport car!

The producer of Żołądkowa Gorzka is working on the stylistic restoration of the most beautiful car from behind “the iron curtain” – the legendary Syrena Sport. Syrena enthusiasts, who know practically everything about this model, have been asked to help with the reconstruction. The replica will be ready by the end of this year.

How many brilliant inventions and products created in the People’s Republic of Poland have survived till now? Upon taking a closer look, one finds that some “relics” of the bygone era are still highly recognisable and appreciated. There are also those that haven’t made it through the twists and turns of history and only live on in the memory of hobbyists and aficionados. One such relic is the much lamented Syrena Sport – the only roadster ever constructed in Poland. Unfortunately, the prototype was destroyed in unclear and dubious circumstances and the car never went into mass production.

The course of history cannot be changed but inspiring and unusual projects deserve a second chance. No-one can understand this better than a brand whose roots date back to the People’s Poland and which has managed to succeed in tough market conditions. Inspired by its own history, Żołądkowa Gorzka, one of the most recognisable brands in Poland, has decided to help out this legend of the Polish car industry and to fulfil the dream of its designers from the mid past century by donating a part of its sales revenue for this purpose.

Work on creating a replica of the Syrena Sport, which stylistically will be a 100% true copy of the original, commenced last year. The project is being supported by enthusiasts and specialists who love old cars and know practically everything about the Syrena. A group of aficionados – engineers and historians, known as Projekt Syrena Sport – have been asked to help with the enterprise and are collaborating with a highly regarded replica manufacturer to recreate the 1960 model with the utmost precision. Their progress can be traced live on the website

Despite the scarcity of technical documentation on the car, which was quite controversial in its day, perseverance and determination in going through archives and unearthing photos or publications have made it possible to obtain some interesting materials on the basis of which the stylistic replica is being constructed down to the last detail. The creators of the project have disclosed that the chassis and the engine will be based on another car and adapted so as to perfectly fit the dimensions of the Syrena.

Allegedly, in 1960, after the unveiling of the Syrena Sport, Władysław Gomułka, the First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party, saw in it a trace of yearning for capitalist luxuries and, reportedly, declared it to be a manifestation of an unhealthy admiration for the decadent West. Thus, the Syrena never went into mass production and quickly met its end in unclear circumstances. However, the memory of this legend lives on and there is a chance that, after it has been revived, it will once again gain national awareness.

The first drivers will be able take the wheel of this precise stylistic reconstruction of the Syrena Sport, reflecting the legendary prototype’s materials of a glass fibre body, a removable rigid roof, chrome details and a minutely recreated interior, as early as in November.

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