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Complete service to the HoReCa channel - now on-line!

This novel on-line system enables the sale and promotion of Stock Polska products to be managed in a unique spirit of cooperation. At the same time, SOL (Stock on Line) is a loyalty programme communication platform for all outlets working with this leading Polish alcohol manufacturer.

The innovative elements of the tool are that it shortens communication lead times and allows quick and easy access to Stock Polska loyalty programmes, marketing materials and ready-made consumer promotions. It registers any conducted processes and purchases and also has an option to track orders – all in the aim of simplifying and facilitating business relationships.

"The Stock Polska product portfolio and the proposition for the HoReCa channel are constantly growing, just as the number of catering businesses and clubs with which we cooperate. The SOL system is a tool that is available to each on-trade customer, regardless of location or type of business conducted. The SOL platform can be used both by customers who are already working with us and also those who want to start such cooperation. This programme is both for small companies that run a single outlet and also for those business partners who manage a chain of outlets. I strongly believe that this tool will quickly prove helpful in running a business by ensuring the necessary marketing support for our products at point of sale. Moreover, eventually it will bring tangible benefits to the owners and staff of these outlets - that is to say to everyone who decides to use this tool," said Łukasz Konieczny, HoReCa & Premium Brands Manager at Stock Polska. "I hope that this programme will increase interest in our product range. I would like to invite all current and potential customers who want to learn more to visit our website:," he added.

The programme is a transparent platform which transmits, on an actual basis, all information about purchased and ordered items as well as the company’s promotions. Moreover, customers using the new SOL system gain fast access to the hotline and to information about the terms and opportunities of cooperation with Stock Polska. Intuitive navigation and a clear programme layout make this tool accessible and easy to use. At the same time, with a strong emphasis on data security that protects information intended only for the addressees of individual messages, the SOL system enables information exchange to be carried out in an individualised and safe manner.

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