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That Mojito taste... from Lublin

A new addition to the Lubelska brand range has just appeared on the market: Lubelska Miętówka (Mint) - a blend of mint and lime juice that is fresh, minty cool and invigorating.

Summer is approaching and with it the time for mouth-watering flavours and vibrant colours. And this latest Lubelska brand innovation is perfect in that respect — juicy, bitter-sweet, full of flavour and with a fresh aroma. With this new brand variant, the distiller is offering a classic blend of mint and lime mixed with pure, clear vodka. Light and refreshing ingredients are carefully selected to create an ideal drink that will perfectly complement any Summer afternoon.

The launch of Lubelska Miętówka has been inspired by that most recognizable of cocktails originating in hot Cuba — the Mojito. A drink that cools, quenches thirst and gently refreshes.
Those consumers who seek refreshment and are thirsty for a cooling sensation will surely appreciate the latest addition to the Lubelska range – a flavour that is worth tasting not only during hot Summer days. It is time for the Polish Mojito party!

“This new variant has been prepared for consumers who decidedly prefer fresh, citrus flavours” - says Karolina Wróblewska, Brand Manager at Stock Polska. She adds: “The Lubelska brand range, successively extended by light citrus flavours, is quickly gaining market share where it already occupies a high brand position at no. 3.” (*)

(*)Source: Nielsen, Top Vodka Brands (volume share in total vodka market), February 2012

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