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Zoladkowa Gorzka is Poland’s favourite vodka brand

Stock Spirits Group is pleased to announce that its flagship vodka brand, Zoladkowa Gorzka, is now the leading vodka brand in Poland. The multi-award winning brand has experienced phenomenal growth in market share over the last eight years, increasing from 4% to 13.5%.

Zoladkowa Gorzka has a history dating back to the 1950’s; it is a traditional, flavoured vodka made from selected herbs, spices and dried fruits with bitter-sweet taste and a distinctive aroma. Stock Spirits Group has maintained the vodka’s unique heritage, while developing the brand for a young, modern audience through the introduction of line extensions.

In 2005, Polmos Lublin, the Polish subsidiary of Stock and producer of Zoladkowa Gorzka, introduced a mint flavoured variant that contributed to over 30% volume growth over the next two years. This was followed by the launch of a clear version of Zoladkowa Gorzka, Czysta de Luxe, in 2007.

Poland is the world’s fourth largest vodka market, and Czysta de Luxe has already achieved a 7% market share (in terms of volume) in its first year. Its instant success can in part be attributed to its smooth taste and flavour, as well as striking the right balance between quality and price.

Neil Everitt, CEO of Stock Spirits Group commented:

“I have worked in the drinks industry for many years and have never seen a brand rise so meteorically through the ranks; I would be surprised if Czysta de Luxe wasn’t the most successful vodka launch anywhere around the world in 2008.

“We are pleased to have continued the success of this iconic brand by introducing new products that keep it modern and which appeal to a wider audience. The future looks exciting for Zoladkowa Gorzka, particularly when you consider the extraordinary success of the clear version, Czysta de Luxe.”

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