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Outstanding Amundsen Expedition

The Jury of the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels have tested the latest product from Stock Polska, Amundsen Expedition vodka.

During blind tests, the jurors evaluated all attributes of this distilled beverage, including the taste and aftertaste, purity, aroma and the general impression.  

In the final evaluation of this product, the judges described it as outstanding. The first impression is excellent and the manufacturer is convinced that this product will be to the taste of even the most demanding consumers.

Created in honour of one of the greatest and most dangerous expeditions of the 20th century, reaching the South Pole in 1911, Amundsen Expedition vodka is the coldest vodka in the market and should be served at 0°C to bring out all of its best features - wildness, raw nature and strong flavour. 

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