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Stock Spirits Group announces global redesign of Stock 84 brandy range

Stock Spirits Group, a leading owner and producer of premium branded spirits and liqueurs, is delighted to announce a global packaging redesign for its Stock 84 brandy range. Stock 84 is one of the flagship brands of the Stock Spirits portfolio with over 130 years of heritage, having been founded by visionary Lionello Stock, who first produced his own Italian brandy in 1884. 

Throughout its history, Stock 84 has been available in many markets across the world, with variations to its range packaging and branding over time. This redesign brings a renewed consistency to the product range globally, whilst giving it a fresher and more modern look. 

Stock Spirits conducted exhaustive market research to ensure the redesign was in line with consumers’ high expectations for Stock 84, working with leading Italian design agencies on the redesign project. The new bottle stays faithful to the traditional Stock 84 silhouette, but with a modern twist that adds a premium feel. 

Commenting on the rebrand, Mirek Stachowicz, Chief Executive of Stock Spirits Group, said: “The redesign of the Stock 84 range brings freshness and consistency to a brand loved and admired by generations of brandy drinkers. We are extremely proud of the heritage, quality and renown of Stock 84, and believe that the new and improved design will help ensure that it continues to be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come.” 

About Stock 84

Stock 84’s unmistakeable character is the result of the aroma, flavour and golden colour developed during maturation in oak casks. It is during this ageing process that Stock 84 acquires the unique mellow taste and palate-pleasing smoothness that has been its hallmark for more than a century.

The different varieties of Stock 84 each offer consumers an individual experience, with Stock 84 Original warming the senses with sweet notes of plum, dried fruit and almonds. The traditional Italian recipe for this extra smooth brandy is one of the longest brandy traditions in the world. 

Stock 84 Riserva was progressively refined by the most passionate master blenders inspired by the original recipe but always attuned to contemporary breakthroughs. Popular for its smoothness, it has been crafted for markets where drinkability and mixability play an important role; enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in a simple mix.

To honour the legacy of distilling expertise, Stock Spirits created Stock 84 XO in 2010, which is matured in oak casks for eight years, longer than any other Stock brandy. By selecting and distilling the finest grapes before effecting a long maturation in oak casks, it creates a rich intense flavour, an experience that deserves to be discovered.

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