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Stock Italia launches new premium Limoncello brand

Stock Italia has launched a new premium Limoncello called Syramusa, made exclusively from Syracusa’s PGI lemons.

Syramusa was created after a year-long collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of the Siracusa lemons PGI, a non-profit organisation created to promote and protect the unique qualities of the Siracusa lemon (PGI). 

The Siracusa lemon is the most common variety of lemon in Italy, with lemons awarded the PGI status if they are grown in the province of Siracusa, are from the Femminello variety and are cultivated and picked using traditional methods. The quality of the “Femminello“ lemon variety is a perfect match for the production of Limoncello due to its juice, zest and flavour.

The name “Syramusa” and the limoncello packaging, draws on the links with the beautiful Sicilian city of Syracuse, rich in nature, history and cultural beauty. 
While Limoncè, is the leading brand in the Modern Trade channel, with over 20% market share, Syramusa is focused on the [highly fragmented] On Trade channel, including hotels, restaurants, catering and wholesalers.

The launch of Syramusa, in a market where quality, origin and premium positioning are increasingly important, seeks to creates a new "Super Premium Limoncello", and provides the opportunity to capitalise on the appeal internationally, of the “Made in Italy” and certified Syracusan origins.

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About Stock Italia

Stock Italia (Stock Italy) is a leading company in its focus spirits categories, Keglevich is number one in vodka and vodka based flavoured liqueurs and Limonce is number one in the limoncello catagory. Its famous Stock 84 is the number two brand in brandy.

Stock Italia was founded in Trieste in 1884 and is part of Stock Spirits Group, a leading owner and producer of premium branded spirits and liqueurs that are principally sold in Central and Eastern Europe, which is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

About The Consortium of the Limone di Siracusa

The Consortium for the Protection of the Syracuse Lemon PGI, is a non-profit organisation, established in July 2000, created to promote and protect the special qualities of the Siracusa Lemon (PGI). The PGI status guarantees that the lemons are grown only in the province of Siracusa, are from the Femminello variety and cultivated using traditional methods.

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