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Żubr launches new flavours

Stock Polska is launching two refreshing new flavours from its Żubr brand, one of the leading vodkas in the economy vodka in Poland.

Żubr Cytrynowy (lemon) and Żubr Wiśniowy (cherry), both 30% abv, have been launched in 90ml and 200ml formats from the beginning of July.

Boom for flavoured alcohols in small formats
Flavoured alcohols are becoming increasingly popular with Polish consumers. This year's sales in the category increased by 10.4% compared to the corresponding period last year (61,008 thousand litres vs 55,275 thousand litres in 2017*).  Smaller formats are highly popular within this segment.  According to Nielsen research agency's data, the sizes of 100ml and 200ml constitute 51% of total sales volume and sales continue to grow.  In 2017, 29,448 thousand litres of flavoured alcohols in smaller formats were sold.  This year the total is already 14% higher*.

Refreshing Żubr flavours
The Żubr brand is appreciated by consumers for its quality at a value for money price.  This year the brand has grown successfully and is currently the brand with the largest increase in sales volume within the economy segment.  Sales of the product in the current year increased by as much as 57% compared to the same period in 2017*.  Building on this dynamic growth, Żubr is expanding its portfolio to include two of the most popular flavour varieties : Żubr Cytrynowy (lemon) and Żubr Wiśniowy (cherry).  With their natural ingredients and refreshing flavours, these new products are perfect for the holiday season.

Innovation in the economy category
The new flavoured products from Żubr are an innovative addition to the economy alcohol segment, which is dominated by clear varieties currently.  The new flavoured varieties based on the ever popular cherry and lemon flavours will appeal to the tastes of the brand's existing drinkers plus recruit new consumers to the brand.

* Stock after Nielsen – Total Poland incl. Discounters (as a sum of the markets: Hypermarkets, Supermarkets excl. Discounters, Discounters - scanning, Large Groceries including Chemical Chains, Medium and Small Groceries, Sweet-Alcohol Stores, Petrol Stations, Kiosks), Retail Measurement Panel, volume sales, period April 2015 – March 2018, category: Vodka.

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