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Stock Prestige vodka launches new, unique limited edition bottle - Stock Prestige Monaco

From March 2016, Stock Prestige vodka will become available in a unique limited edition bottle -Stock Prestige Monaco, in a striking dark blue which cannot be ignored.  

Stock Prestige is an exceptionally clear 40% abv vodka, which is produced using a six step process of distillation and cold filtration. This premium product is characterized by exceptional smoothness, and is produced using only the finest selected ingredients, including premium quality barley.  

Since its introduction to the market, Stock Prestige has gained multitudes of fans in almost 30 countries in Europe and beyond. Every year it is appreciated in the best taste and quality competitions across the world, where it achieves consistently high ratings.  

The stylish limited edition dark blue bottle, with the Monaco name proudly displayed, has been designed to catch the eye. The name Monaco is linked to the aspirational international character of Stock Prestige and to a consumer competition being run by the brand, in which Stock Prestige invites the winners to one of the most exclusive events in Europe – the Monaco Yacht Show. The elite Monaco Yacht Show is one of the most exclusive and aspirational events in Europe, which perfectly matches the image of Stock Prestige Vodka.  

The product is available in 700ml bottles. 

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