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Lubelska chosen as 2020 Liqueurs Brand Champion

Lubelska has been chosen as the 2020 Liqueurs Brand Champion by The Spirits Business Magazine. 

After analysing all of the leading spirits brands' global volume performance for their annual Brand Champions Survey, the Spirits Business Magazine have chosen Lubelska as their Liqueurs Brand Champion 2020. 

Lubelska flavours sit in the liqueurs category (as defined by IWSR) of the Brand Champions survey by nature of being vodka-based flavoured liqueurs. 

The Brand Champions Survey covers global performance from calendar year 2019 versus the prior calendar year 2018. Lubelska was selected on the basis of its outstanding double digit growth, which was well ahead of any of the other leading liqueurs brands globally. 

The success recognised by this award is a glowing testament to the work of everyone involved on the brand across the Group, but especially in Poland, and to their spirit of continuous innovation which drives Lubelska's growth.

Notes: The Spirits Business is a leading trade press publication available on line and in magazine format. The June edition of the Spirits Business magazine will contain their 30-page BRAND CHAMPIONS Supplement which is one of their most popular and well-read editorial focuses throughout the year. The 30-page bound-In Brand Champions Supplement details the regional and global growth of brands selling more than 1-million 9-litre cases per annum. Their 13,500 Brand Owner and Distributor readers use this edition as a purchase and reference tool throughout the year in order to monitor regional and global trends and consistency of Category Sales Figures.

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