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Lubelska strengthens its position among regular vodkas

The Lubelska range of flavoured vodka-based liqueurs is the best-selling brand within the flavoured category in Poland with the range including popular flavours such as Cytrynówka (Lemon) and Wiśniówka (Cherry), as well as a regular vodka called Trzy Zboża (Three Grains). In addition to the flavoured vodka-based liqueurs range, a new range called Lubelska Biała (White) has been introduced to build the brand’s offering in clear vodkas.

The new range comprises two variants, Lubelska Biała (a renamed evolution of our Three Grains product) and Lubelska Biała Winogrono (Grape).  

A new flavour

Lubelska Biała has also introduced a new variety of clear fruit flavoured vodka: Lubelska Biała Winogrono (37.5%). This spirit has been created especially for vodka enthusiasts, who will appreciate the drink’s light trace of fruity freshness. This product's uniqueness is attributable to a meticulously fine-tuned recipe based on grapes which gives it a fresh and delicate taste with subtle fruit notes. Fans of such spirits will recognise its pure strength balanced with the fresh aroma of grapes.

Lubelska Biała Winogrono is best enjoyed when served well-chilled in shots or in fruit juice based mixed drinks.  

The design

In addition to the name change for the Lubelska Biała range, its packaging has been revamped – the product now comes in a modern bottle, reflecting the vodka’s unique character.  The new contemporary design combined with the new name and the subtle fruity flavour of the new variety will help to grow the brand’s position in the clear vodka category.

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