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One of the most innovative launches of recent years – sparkling vodka!

Within the traditional and well established category of clear vodkas, Stock Polska is marketing a revolutionary product, the first Polish sparkling vodka – Stock Sparkling. The product appeared in stores only a few weeks ago, but the producer of Stock Sparkling has already received the Innovation Gene award in the INNOWATORY WPROST 2015* rating.  An innovation presented for the first time in history of the Polish market.

Stock Polska has introduced a product which will be the beginning of a revolution on the vodka market. The taste of the 37.5% crystal-clear alcohol is enriched with bubbles which noticeably change the flavour and mouth feel of regular vodka, offering a completely new taste experience. This surprising product has been noticed by the jury of the prestigious Innowatory Wprost competition. This year, the jury decided to appreciate the company’s non-standard approach to products, and its vision to set new directions for development in this sector. Stock Sparkling is a proof that the manufacturer possesses the Innovation Gene.  

The gentle, pleasant flavour of Stock Sparkling has already drawn attention from spirits drinkers, who are keen to try this unusual product enriching the market offer. “After the first weeks from the placement of the product on the market, we can say that it has been well received by the customers. Actually, the interest at the first stage of sales exceeded our expectations, and today we are doing our very best to meet the demand. Undoubtedly, this is an effect of an innovative approach to such a product as clear vodka, but our research indicates that having satisfied their curiosity, a large group of consumers will repeat purchase”, says Ewa Markiton from Stock Polska.  

The white bottle which makes Stock Sparkling stand out on the shelf in the vodka category, and the translucency of the package, make it possible to look inside and see the sparkling, crystal-clear liquid.

 *INNOWATORY WPROST was organised for the fifth time by the editorial team of Wprost, an opinion-making weekly magazine. Between 2011 and 2013, awards were given on the basis of the “500 most innovative enterprises list”, developed by a team of the Institute of Economics at the Polish Academy of Sciences. For two years, the autonomous Innovation Research 2015 has been the basis for honouring those entrepreneurs who invest in innovation. After announcing the results of the research, the Innowatory Awards are presented to the best companies operating in the most dynamic sectors of the economy. The marketing of Stock Sparkling Vodka has been considered as an innovative activity, worthy to be distinguished, in the clear vodka category; it is also believed to be a visible element of Stock’s efforts and expenditures focused on innovative projects and ventures in the area of spirits.

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