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Iconic Lubelska Cytrynówka (lemon) in new exciting flavours!

Everyone loves Lubelska Cytrynówka - it is a leader in the segment of flavoured spirits, and the true queen of this category. In order to develop this segment further, Stock Polska has introduced the first limited editions of Cytrynówka Lubelska and consumers are now able to enjoy Lubelska Cytrynówka Egzotyczna (exotic lemon) and Lubelska Cytrynówka Świeża (fresh lemon).  

Those looking for something new are in for a special treat, whilst fans of lemon-flavoured spirits will discover its completely new expressions. Lovers of extreme lemon flavours will appreciateLubelska Cytrynówka Świeża (fresh lemon) which offers a refreshing, double-lemon aroma that will satisfy even the toughest taste buds. Whereas Cytrynówka Egzotyczna (exotic lemon) is a choice for those who seek extra fruity sweetness. Distinctive flavours of orange and tangerine, combined with the pleasantly sour Cytrynówka Lubelska, give a unique citrus taste.  

Setting new trends in the category of flavoured spirits, and in order to meet the expectations of consumers, the limited editions of Lubelska Cytrynówka offer exotic and extreme citrus sensations. Lubelska Cytrynówka Egzotyczna and Lubelska Cytrynówka Świeża are great for mixed drinks but the extreme citrus flavours are best appreciated when served straight.  

Sales data confirms the leading position of Cytrynówka. As much as 71% of sales in the largest flavour segment in Poland, Lemon, belongs to Lubelska Cytrynówka*. The popularity of this flavour has been growing since its introduction in the market in 2009.  

*(source AC Nielsen YTD 06.2015)  

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