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From Lublin with LOVE!

Lubelska sends greetings from Lublin and along with them, an exciting new range of CoctaiLOVA liqueurs. Banana, Coconut and Coffee Bean are three completely new products in the Lubelska CoctaiLOVA range. Crafted to be enjoyed, they will seduce you with their smooth flavour.  

Lubelska CocktaiLOVA is a colourful new departure from the brand’s fruity roots. Delicate and smooth by nature, with the enticing aromas of coconut, banana and coffee, it has a light consistency and at 18% abv is very easy to drink. It combines the characteristic features of liqueur and vodka, packaged in a dedicated 350ml bottle, ideally suited to RTD usage.  

Each of Lubelska CoctaiLOVA’s three new flavours, served over ice, make a delicious afternoon drink, or a dash of sweetness after a long day. Truly irresistible!

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