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Completion of €3 million investment in Stock Polska manufacturing plant

Stock Polska, part of Stock Spirits Group, has completed a €3 million investment in its manufacturing plant in Lublin. The modernised facilities represent a major boost to the company’s production capability.

The new high-tech plant will be used for the production of clear vodka and vodka-based flavoured liquors. Its design supports the vision for the company’s growth, not only ensuring premium quality products, but also meeting high standards of environmental awareness and delivering excellent workplace conditions.

The modernised facilities will house the production of renowned brands such as Żołądkowa Gorzka Czysta de Luxe and the Lubelska range and significantly increase the factory’s production capacity by allowing more flexibility.

This investment comes during a challenging period for the Polish alcohol industry, after the 15% excise duty increase in January 2014, and reinforces Stock Polska’s strong position as market leader. Furthermore, the project demonstrates our commitment to investing time and resources into the development of state-of-the art production infrastructure.

Ewan MacLean, Group Production Director, said:

“This latest €3 million investment in the Lublin plant will allow us to extend our production capacity whilst maintaining our reputation for high quality products that are much loved by consumers in Poland. The investment also continues our ongoing development of the site.”

Video footage courtesy of PAP

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