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Amundsen Vodka starts the Autumn season with a new TV spot

Amundsen Vodka, one of the top-selling vodkas in the Czech Republic, sees in the autumn season with a new TV commercial. The thirty-second advert, which is to premiere on TV in mid-September, builds on the popular "Etter Destillere" campaign, developing its message by adding other important features.  

"In the previous, hugely successful campaign, we presented the six-fold distillation of Amundsen Vodka, and the "Etter Destillere" slogan has become a favourite catchphrase used in many Czech food service establishments.  We are now taking our message one step further by emphasizing the crucial importance of this repeated distillation process. The chief benefit is the extra smooth taste of Amundsen Vodka," explained Kateřina Harris, the Marketing Director of Stock Plzeň. Customer surveys performed by Stock Plzeň before the commencement of the campaign preparation revealed that smoothness is the feature that the consumer is looking for most in premium vodka.  

The new TV advert was developed by the creative Made by Vaculik advertising agency, and was directed by Jaromír Malý. Martin Douba took up his place behind the camera, and the production was handled by Filmservice. The commercial is set to premiere on TV on September 15 and it will air on the Nova Group channels. After the launch of the campaign, the advert will also be available for download at  

The new commercial is part of a wider communication campaign, which also involves promoting the brand in retail chains and during a variety of events in food service establishments. As for the digital media, Stock Plzeň has prepared its most influential campaign to date. Amundsen Vodka will thus be "visible" on or  

The secret to the distinctiveness of Amundsen Vodka is the six-times-distilled grain spirit. In order to create the finest vodka, purified water is filtered several times through natural carbon filters, eliminating any undesired mineral substances and softening it to an ideal level. This complex Scandinavian technology results in crystal clear purity, fine taste and a perfect aroma. Amundsen Vodka was first introduced to the market in 2000 and has since become one of the most popular products in its category. This premium brand features on the drinks menu of nearly one third of Czech restaurants and bars. Over the past 5 years, Amundsen has been the fastest growing brand of vodka in the food service industry. This summer, it proved its quality at the renowned International Spirits Challenge tasting competition, where it received the silver medal. 

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