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Lubelska range launches new flavours

Over the past several years, Poland has witnessed an enduring increase in the popularity of flavoured alcohols, as the sweeter tastes of fruity liqueurs are winning over consumers’ palates.  Bottles filled with fragrant orange or peach-flavoured vodka-based liqueur are indeed popular all year round.

Lubelska Orange and Lubelska Peach are the newest additions to an expanding line featuring the citrus flavours sought out by consumers from Poland’s leading vodka-based flavoured liqueurs brand.

The fragrant summer tastes which burst from the bottle are enough to take you back to the warmest summer days, even on a frosty winter evening.

Lubelska Orange features a juicy orange flavour, with a hint of mango giving the beverage its velvety consistency. This product is bound to be a favourite with fans of exotic cocktails or a sweet hit in a shot glass. Served however you prefer, this liqueur provides the perfect citrus refreshment.

Lubelska Peach is bursting with the summery aroma of a golden peach. The flavour’s intriguing taste is a result of complementing the sweetness of the fruit’s flesh with the tangy undertones of its skin. Served on ice or in a cocktail, this liqueur will always taste of a sunny summer day.

The unique balances of flavour are what set these two new Lubelska varieties apart from the crowd. The perfect recipe and blend, as well as attention to detail in every stage of the production, are the key to their success. The Lubelska brand has been No 1 in the flavoured alcohol market for the past four years, with equal market share of volume at 33.3%. (Source: Nielsen, June 2014, Top 5 SubBrands Total Poland.)

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