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Żołądkowa de Luxe release limited edition bottles

Stock Polska unveil a series of new limited edition Żołądkowa de Luxe bottles in collaboration with Polish satirist, Andrzej Mleczko.

Żołądkowa de Luxe is now available in limited edition bottles featuring five unique illustrations by Andrzej Mleczko.

Renowned for his satirical works, Andrzej Mleczko has created a series of his characteristic drawings for the brand, each reflecting the customs and traditions of drinking vodka in Poland.  All the drawings are humorous and refer to the brand itself.

Hugely popular in Poland, Żołądkowa de Luxe has won many accolades over the years with a mild and smooth finish that is the result of a six-step distillation and a special recipe which uses crystal clear water.

Good vodka is one that complements any occasion and connects people. Żołądkowa de Luxe has been one of Poland's favourite brands for many years and we're delighted to have worked with Andrzej Mleczka to create five limited edition bottles for consumers to experience the unique taste of Żołądkowa in a new way.

Sales of the limited edition will be supported by publications in the leading trade press and on the brand's social media channels.

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