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The Key to the Caribbean

Stock Plzeň–Božkov, the number one spirits business in the Czech Republic, has relaunched its Key Rum brand.

Almost a century old, Key Rum was one of the first cane rums in the Czech Republic when the Lobosice brothers began importing barrels of Jamaican rum for use in its production.

Continuing the tradition of bringing Czech consumers the best rums from the Caribbean, the relaunched Key Rum range is presented in a new rounded bottle, reflecting its softness, delicacy and quality, and is available in three flavours.  

The flagship variant is Key Panama Rum. Prepared from fine quality Panamanian cane distillate, matured in American white oak barrels for three years, it offers a golden colour and slightly sweet taste, with tones of vanilla and a slightly woody finish which is best enjoyed neat as a shot.  

Key Spiced Gold provides a more exotic flavour. A macerate of cocoa beans and spices added to the cane distillate gives the product a unique dark, golden colour and delicate taste that works in perfect combination over ice with cola. 

Last, but not least, is white rum Key White. Offering a light and refined taste thanks to a combination of selected white Caribbean rums from Jamaica, Barbados or Guyana, distilled from sugar cane; Key White Rum is especially suited to the preparation of famous mixed drinks such as the Mojito and Cuba Libre. 

The relaunched Key Rum range further strengthens our brand leading portfolio in rum, the Czech Republic’s largest spirits category, bringing a taste of the Caribbean to homes, bars and restaurants. 

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