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Božkov presents Bylinný likér

After more than two years of careful development, the Božkov brand has launched a new herbal bitter liqueur, “Božkov Bylinný”.

Božkov Bylinný is the latest addition to the Božkov brand range, the best-selling spirits brand in the Czech Republic with more than 100 years of history.  

A balanced combination of herbs and spices, Božkov Bylinný has been created based directly on consumers’ recommendations, using a traditional production process, with no artificial flavours or colours. 

Made from a macerate hand-prepared in the village of Prádlo, containing a unique combination of 44 carefully selected herbs, spices and fruits, more than 15% of the alcohol content is made up of a wine distillate matured for one year in wooden barrels used for producing brandy. With tones of sweet lemon balm, fresh peppermint, fragrant cinnamon and refreshing lemon peel, Božkov Bylinný offers a delicate bitterness. 

Supported by a launch communication strategy which will extend into 2022, Božkov Bylinný launched earlier this month.

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